Sculpture is art that offers so much on so many levels. The use of space, light, color, and materials delivers a striking experience to the beholder. The wood and metallic sculptures created by Richard Pitts encourage you to drink in the sensation while exploring the artwork to learn more. The combination of planes, angles, patterns, and twists all come together in a whole that wants you to engage with it. These pieces hold the potential of movement and energy while delivering metaphysical sensations and experiences.

You can find examples of his abstract sculptures in galleries, outdoor installations, shows, and collections.

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Colorful Sculptures
Painted Aluminum Sculpture

8ft x 2 1\2ft

New Red Sculpture

"Dancing Down The Staircase"
11ft x 4ft

Metal Sculpture

"Electric Water"
11ft x 4 1\2ft

Yellow Sculpture in Park

"Back From The Yellow Brick Road"
11ft x3ft