About Richard Pitts

With titles like "Whirlwind," "Electric Water," "Dancing Down the Staircase," and "Solar Totems," you should get an idea of the muse that has driven artist Richard Pitts for 60 years to explore the outer edges of creativity and bring them to the viewer. But what about the man himself? What can we learn about the man behind Richard Pitts Art?

When you learn about Richard Pitts, you see a story that begins with a solid educational foundation that was built upon during 40 years as a teacher, sharing his craft and gift with others. His work wasn't confined to the realms of academia, though. Through many solo exhibitions, outdoor installations, group exhibitions, and inclusion in many public collections, his works have been appreciated and loved by many. As you can see from his resume his art has been exposed to art lovers across the country.

Critical Acclaim

Richard works in many media, from steel to wood to bronze to aluminum, not to mention his paintings. His pieces are rife with energy and captured motion. Each seethes with potential and seems primed to spring to life at any time.

New York art critic and curator Jill Conner said Richard's art bridges life and is a product of it.

"Pitts has expanded into the third-dimension by forging the drawn line into a single, hand-held object," Conner writes. "Extending this idea onto a series of surfaces that echoes the thick, black line seen in his earlier work, the artist compiles a series of randomly tailored surfaces that connect with one another to represent either frosty, wall-hung, starburst shapes or tall, wing-like forms."

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Yellow Sculpture