Harnessing the Power of Abstract Sculptures and Paintings

Come and journey into a world that is much more than what you see every day. It's a world of art — a world of abstract sculptures and paintings imbued with a flurry of concentrated activity. It is the work of well-known artist Richard Pitts.

His artwork is engaging, and he wants to bring you on the journey so you, too, can experience all that these truly expressive pieces have to offer. Whether you are attracted to a powerful sculpture or a painting that speaks to your soul, your destination will be the same a place of wonder and joy. Contact Richard Pitts Art today and take your first steps along your path.

Red Sculpture
Green Sculpture
Blue Sculpture
Orange Sculpture
Yellow Sculpture

In the Artist's Own Words

Whenever we get a glimpse into the mind of a professional sculptor and painter, it is always illuminating. Allow yourself a moment to absorb and ponder these words from Richard Pitts.

"The plasticity of the artist's relationship to the material is an inexhaustible dialogue. It is capable of ever renewing itself."

"It is like the elements of high music, crafted and composed until the sound creates a space ever-increasing our emotional capacities for feeling the richness of being alive."

"We are the eyes and ears of the universe. Through the arts, it is up to us to bear witness."

- Richard Pitts